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Strategic Definition
The TempÍrus Restaurant
has an indoor area
more protected
and a large terrace
where the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean gives us a sense 
of heavenly tranquility with the 
ocean at your feet, as the photograph at the side 

Loulť - Velho / Trafal beach, 
next to Vale do Lobo beach, 
offers a safe and quiet offer, 
namely because it has a concession area, where we provide a personalized bar and snacks service for your well-being.
A suggestion

The inspiration of these restaurateurs - ElisiŠrio and his daughter Marisa - lies in the excellence of the confection of the products, mainly from the sea, but also in the seasonings, in the power of aromatic herbs and their importance for a tasty and refined cuisine.
For this and more, they have decided to make the following suggestion here, especially for those who do not yet know Tempus.
"We invite you to come enjoy a day of beach full of good mood, enjoying the great Mediterranean cuisine, in a quiet and familiar environment, surrounded by a scenario of unique and wonderful landscapes, which will surely be in your memory."
ElisiŠrio and Marisa Rodrigues

 ElisiŠrio Rodrigues


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