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Our Chef's suggestions include what the local vs. Mediterranean cuisine has to offer.

Always fresh, are also available the traditional Clams ŗ Bulh„o Pato, the daily snacks prepared with all the care, namely the Octopus or Fish Roe Salad, and other delicacies that we do not mention - to provide you with a excellent entry to your meal, watered with a good chilled White Wine or a Red at the recommended temperature if this is your preference, with the Atlantic at your feet ... what a privilege! ...

TempÍrus has a varied selection of fresh fish every day, the best of the Algarve Coast.

With these appetizing seafood, the best Cataplanas and other dishes are prepared, as well as delicious Grills, making the perfect composition of a Specialty Menu, including Alimados Carapaus, Garlic and Parsley Seasoned Squids, watered with the best national olive oil, or the Grain of Beak Salads, among other regional delicacies that make our mouth watering ...

 ElisiŠrio Rodrigues



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