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Brief History of the Origin of This "Dream"

In TempÍrus Restaurant you can find a typical Algarve menu, filled with the most varied and
Tasty snacks, such as our octopus or roe salads, horse mackerel, clams or shellfish, as well as the best fresh fish from our coast, brought daily from the best squares in the Algarve, namely Quarteira and Faro.

Of course, good seafood is also part of the menu, from shrimp, crab, lobster or lobster.

However, as in "Rosa do Campo", 
the simplicity of the 

menu and the quiet and familiar atmosphere are the brand image that we try to keep alive and always try to preserve.
A typically Algarvian menu composed of the best delicacies

At TempÍrus Restaurant you can find 
a typical Algarve menu,
stuffed with the most varied
and tasty appetizers and starters such as octopus salads, fish roe salads, horse mackerel
Alimated clams
open to natural or Bulh„o Pato,
as well as achievements (photo beside), etc ...

As a main dish, at the customer's 
disposal is always the best fresh fish 
and seafood.
from the Algarve coast, brought daily
of the best squares in the Algarve,
namely Quarteira and Faro, among others.

 ElisiŠrio Rodrigues


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